Why it's important to say "I Love You"

February 20, 2009 8:10am CST
There are many reasons to tell someone that you love them. Expressing emotion is an important part of maintaining mental health in both children and adults and saying "I love You" is expressing a deep feeling of attachment for someone. Telling a person that you love them is very important. Hearing an emotion that is expressed to you can be important in knowing that you are valued to someone. So just go ahead and tell someone you love today.
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@moneymommy (3419)
• United States
20 Feb 09
I think its very important to tell your loved ones you love them everyday. I make sure I tell my family I love them everyday.
• India
20 Feb 09
yes i guess that is the best way to express your love and care for your family.
• Philippines
20 Feb 09
Love teddy - A picture of teddy bear with heart
it is important to say i love you so that the person whom you love might know how much you love him/ her. But sometimes, you can always say i love you in different ways, i will give you an example: 1. Leave Notes (in Unusual Places) One place to start, but how about a note by the kettle, in the fridge, on the pillow, on the computer screen...? This can become a bit of a game as you compete to leave a note in the most unusual places! 2. Hug Physical gestures mean a huge amount, and a hug can be just what a loved one needs to put a big smile on their face. Whether it’s snuggling up on the sofa with your partner or giving your kids a goodnight hug, being held and warmed by another person is a perfect way to feel loved. 3. Write A Poem A time-honored way to say “I love you” is to write a poem. You don’t have to be Shakespeare – look for sincere, original ways to tell someone that you love them. 4. Give An Unexpected Gift I’m sure you give your loved ones gifts on their birthday, at Christmas, and on special occasions like Valentine’s day. But how about bringing a gift completely at random?. A few of their favorite chocolates, a small bunch of flowers, a book which you know they’ll enjoy ... for a few dollars, you have the perfect way to say “I love you”. 5. Do The Chores (Without Being Asked) If it’s your partner who usually cleans the kitchen, why not do it and surprise him/her? Finding little ways to make someone else’s day smoother lets them know how much they mean to you. 6. Hold Hands Like hugging, holding hands is something that we often neglect to do when a relationship becomes cozy and familiar. Try taking your partner’s hand when walking down the street, or hold their hands across a table in a restaurant. 7. Make A Special Meal Include their favorite foods, take a few minutes to set the table, to light candles and put music on, and your usual forgettable evening slumped on the sofa can become a night to remember... 8. Dress Up In the early stages of a relationship, you probably made the effort to look your best. Of course it’s nice to get to the point where you can lounge around in your jammies or your over sized, hole-ridden t-shirt... but occasionally getting dressed up can rekindle that early excitement in the relationship. 9. Give a Foot/Shoulder Rub Modern life is stressful and many of us have aches and pains caused by tense muscles. A shoulder rub, back rub or foot rub is a wonderful way to tell your partner “I love you”. 10. Listen to Them Listen actively to your partner – when they want to talk, put down what you’re doing, and focus all your attention on them. Listen for what they don’t say; unvoiced concerns or worries, or hints at what they’d really like. Nod and make eye-contact to show that you’re paying attention. If you want to read more since i edited some of it, here's the link:http://www.dumblittleman.com/2009/02/10-ways-to-say-i-love-you-without.html
@bubbletush (1334)
• Philippines
20 Feb 09
It is important to feel that we are loved. But it is sweet to hear the words "I Love You" because it is the confirmation of the love being expressed to us by our loved ones.
@zhuhuifen46 (3486)
• China
20 Feb 09
Human beings use various means to exchange feelings. Words, smiles, and guestures all add up value to each other. Positive messages are encouraging and motivating. "I love you." in most cultures is the most apprepiate and effective way to express appreciation, which works wonders if well applied.