Too Funny? Too Serious?

@pillusch (1149)
February 20, 2009 10:28am CST
I'm a serious guy, far too serious. I'm always looking for meaning, I analise, look for hidden agendas, and try to figure everything and everybody out. And I'm losing out in the process, because it's almost impossible for me to have a simple chat, since everything needs to have a purpose. Now the purpose of a chat is not to have a purpose. Sounds almost Zen-like, but it's the traveling..... So I'm gonna change that, I'm just gonna post and let meaning go to hell. Do you have a purpose when posting on myLot?
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@sandymay48 (2031)
• Canada
20 Feb 09
The purpose of a chat is to get a response or else we wouldnt bother chatting...well now wait a minute...i need to analyze what I just said...Sometimes we chat because others have started the conversation and we feel it only polite to answer....This reminds me of one of my discussions about whether theres more questions or some people post on mylot to make money and no other reason..I think I post to chat with people and to get responses..I am not at all serious, but I do also like to analyze and figure out the reason for everything and if someone has a hidden agenda, I will usually find it..
@ibanag22 (35)
• Philippines
21 Feb 09
try to be optimistic.. do not alaways think of the problems... it will surely help you...
@delkar (1716)
• Romania
20 Feb 09
well, i`m pretty like you, i like to analise all that it`s happening with me and with my friends, i like to analise all that they do, how they act, and so on, but i`m also funny, and say like you , that i don`t care about anything in that time.. i just feel good. But I`m so serious mostly when i`m in a group of friends that i don`t know too good, or i`m not feeling like i`m part of that group, or i don`t know how to explain that.But sometimes i`m funny, but i make an analise of how others will react, i`ll watch their body language and so on. Most of the people don`t say what they think about you, but you can see that .... if you know how to "read" a person.
@itshalom (355)
• Singapore
20 Feb 09
We come to a stage/maturity that we are looking for purpose/meaning in whatever comes our way. I wouldnt say you are losing out for its your style of looking at things. Your purpose is beneficial to your needs and we are glad to be of help and thus share, that is why mylot is here, for people to response to their needs. Yes, i definitely will seek help in mylot when i cant get it solve by my own circle of friends.
• United States
20 Feb 09
Well I'm new here. I really don't have a purpose when posting. When I see a discussion that interest me I read a couple of responses and then post one of my own. As far as being serious or funny I'm alittle bit of both. Somethings in life I'm really serious about because I want them to happpen so much that I try and look for the purpose and meaning for every little thing when it come to that thing. With other things in life, I don't take to seriously, it would drive me crazy if I did that for every situation in life. I find that when a situation is resloved only then can you analise and figure out oh, that is why this or that happened. It sucks to get the insight after the fact but that is life.