human blood everywhere! wat a pathetic sight!

@minhaj09 (238)
February 20, 2009 2:02pm CST
21st February is the "Int'l Mother Language Day" & We r the nation who sacrificed our golden lives for our mother language "Bengally" in 1952. In the history of 1947,India was divided into two part: India & Pakistan.We,Bangladesh was under Pakistan. There were a lot of socio-cultural differences between the two parts of Pakistan.One of them was Language.The Pakistani politicians ordered us to establish "Urdu" as the state language of whole Pakistan without taking the concent of our part.As,the whole people of our region spoke in "Bengally",so we didn't follow this unlawful language.Our protest against this decission made the Pakistani politician crazy...& while in 1952,we gathered agaist this decission together,the army shoot hundred rounds of bullet to us & there died a number of our people instantly.Maximum of them were students. Today,we remember this day with profound respect.We r now free from Pakistan.Like our Bangladesh,all the countries show respect their Mother language.Its our glory,its our origin.Did u think of any day without expressing ur emotions through ur mother language? & heres the deep significance of it. My Bengally,My sweetheart...I love u.I really wana tell the globe how beloved u r. U r now being respected by all of the cityzens of this world.We could sacrifice our lives for u,no other nation could do such.U r my pride,u r my heart. Dear frnds,,Love ur country & love ur mother language.Its real peace indeed.
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