A Few Questions about YOUR Credit Card(s)

United States
February 20, 2009 8:13pm CST
I have a credit card which used to be my favorite because it offered me a glimpse of my FICO score for free, along with other benefits such as payoff calculator, pie graph detailing spending trends, etc. All credit card companies seem to be offering this now as well, or at least similar services. This credit card gave me the highest spending limit but they keep increasing my APR, which really sucks. I did spend a little too much, but I always pay more than the minimum monthly and have paid it down considerably. I call every few months (as I do for ALL my credit cards) to try to negotiate to a lower interest rate, but this company never budges. I have stopped using the card and intend to never use it again. I might still keep it just to have an open credit account for the purposes of my FICO score (length of time the account has been opened, credit limit and proportion of credit available but not being used, etc). What are some of your experiences, whether they are related to the economic situation, good or bad, or anything you want to share. Does your credit card offer free FICO score or credit report? Does it have an annual fee? I don't ever sign up for any cards with annual fees -- they get enough of my money in the interest they charge!
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@winterose (39918)
• Canada
23 Feb 09
I don't have credit cards, I haven't had one in over 25 years. Everything I buy I buy cash or do without. Most of the time since I don't have the cash I just simply do without.
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• United States
23 Feb 09
I have had to tighten my belt a lot lately and do without as well. I have to get my finances under control. It was so easy to dig myself into a big hole. but difficult to climb out. At least I learned a tough lesson.
• India
21 Feb 09
Hello my friend Bethany1202 Ji, Well, I am so sorry to dis-appoint you, as I do not have any such experiences about credit cards, being a house wife, I hardly do any money transactions. Between, we two it is duty of my hubby. He is responsible to give me money as I want. In addition, I always have some money with me for unforeseen events. So I do not use any credit cards. maY God bless you and have great time.
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