trust after lust?

United States
February 20, 2009 8:36pm CST
a friend of my hubby, whom i am going to call D in this post was engaged to a woman he i guess loved. but he felt that there wasnt enough.. i dont know the exact situation but from what my hubby told me the girl was just too plain for D and was too with that being said... D went to school with a girl who he ended up cheating on his finace with. D broke it off with his fiance 2 months later, but the entire time he was still dating this girl he met at school.... well now they have been tpgether about 10 or 11 months...but the girl is just OUT THERE..she is jealous..she constantly wants to know who is talkign to him when and what about... she is constantly going through his phone.. she thinks everything has to be about her!...we all think it is just a physical thing and that it will soon fade, but in the mean time it is pushing all of D's friends away.. people that have known him since Pre-K...nobody wants to be around D anymore because anytime you see D you see her and nobody likes her because we all have finally figured her out.. example...D and my hubby work together..well one day i couldnt get in touch with my hubby so i text D ...well a few min later i get a text from her phone asking "what did i want texting D" when i was just trying to see where my hubby was.. she thinks everyone wants him... do you have a friend in a similar situation? how do you tell your friend about the situation they are in?
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@LadyMarissa (12161)
• United States
21 Feb 09
D obviously didn't love the fiance. Maybe he likes crazy women. There is NO easy way to tell him. If he's too dense to notice ALL his friends were dropping him, maybe he just don't care. Love makes people crazy. They are willing to give up EVERYTHING for the love!!! If you still feel the urge to say something to D, I'd say it straight forward. However, be prepared to face the wrath of D when you do!!!
@neozero (171)
• Malaysia
21 Feb 09
This is a very simple situation to solve although it might look like hard task. First of all try to get D's girlfriend and try to explain the whole mess everyone have to face because of her narrow mind and try to get her to understand and tolerate the others. But if this jealously is a born and brwad nature there is nothing much anyone could do. If D really like the girl then your husband and all of this friends better avoid D to avoid unwanting tensions. But if D's have a second thoughs about the girl then just ditch her off.