What is the oddest dream you have ever had? Why?

South Korea
February 21, 2009 2:08am CST
What is the Oddest Dream you have ever had and why??
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@Jamton (118)
21 Feb 09
I had THE scariest dream of all time the other night. It was to do with computers inbuilt into cars, such as the computers that stop your car in case of something in the road. It was also to do with the computers that are in the episode of Doctor Who, with the ATMOS, sat-nav, which killed people. The dream wasn't about me, it was about a very random man, who I didn't know and had no connection with, however I could point him out if I saw him. He had been driving his car, and parked up at the local church I used to go to as a child. He got out of the car and walked into the church up onto the indoor balcony (being controlled by the computer in his car all the time), and smashed his face off the bar on the balcony. It was very graphic and I saw everything, and if that wasn't enough, he was then thrown over the balcony onto lots of chairs in the hall, and broke his neck. I could see everything, it was like watching a horror film, that I was in. It was so scary and I've never had a dream so graphic in my life. I'll never forget the dream, and I wonder if it has any sort of meaning, I hope not though!
• South Korea
22 Feb 09
Wow Jamton! That is a very scary dream. I have had odd dreams like this one too! I had a dream my ex was in a coffin and when I got up close, his eyes shot open and said "Why weren't you there?" That was pretty scary for me! I totally understand!
@Jamton (118)
22 Feb 09
It's awful isn't it! It's just so... creepy. 'Cos they always seem so real lol