Religious question that contradicts god himself

@vellibiz (297)
United States
February 21, 2009 3:53am CST
i refer to god as it since we dont know if he's male or female. So if god is supposed to be all knowing, answer this question. Why did it forbid adam and eve to eat from the apple tree when it should have known already she was going to eat it? lol god punishes them for what? doing something it already knew was going to happen? so technically god knew it was going punish adam and eve before it created them. God knew it was ganna kick them of the garden of eden before eve grabbed the apple. that means that god knew it was going to make farming hard for adam, before he was kicked out. god knew before eve ate the apple, that one day it'll make it painfull for her to give birth. That means all together, that god plays with every ones lives. and were just a big joke to it.if it exist's why did god make humans die? how would god know there's such thing as death if it lives in eternity, and even it knew about death, why did it make humans able to die? if god is creator of all things why is he a jealous god? why is god jealous of other gods that dont exist? why do we ask for gods help if our lives have already been planned out? lol -god fills man with wonder's and punishes him for it. i mean he should know us better than ourselves, so god should understand that we questions its existence.
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