Ladies ! Do you care your hands ?

@tudors (1556)
February 21, 2009 9:28am CST
Beautiful, well-kept and delicate hands are important. Hands tell you a number of things about yourself. Hands tell you how you lead your life and how you take care of your body and skin. It is said that the hands tell you how old a woman is. No matter how old you are, your hands tell an observer a lot about. Dressing up in fancy clothes is of no use if you do not take care of your hands and feet. While speaking or communicating with others you use your hands to express yourself, emphasize a point. Hands play a key role in interaction. Here are some tips for mylotters : Moisturize your hands at least four times a day. Once a week apply your face cream on to your hands before you go to bed. Avoid soap, if you have to, don't forget moisture your hands afterwards. Wear rubber gloves while working at home and in the garden. Protect your hands while working in the sun. The best way to take care of your hands is to protect them on a daily basis.
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• Hong Kong
23 Feb 09
I do! I make sure my hands are well taken care of! I moisturize my hands from time to time when they feel dry. Then I would do a hand mask once a week to make sure it's deeply moisturized and tune up the skin tone. The hand mask would make my hands feel very smooth afterwards too *smiles*.
@tudors (1556)
• China
25 Feb 09
very good habit ! and very good ladies, pardon me for not able to respond to you one by one though i'd love to. By my experience, soak hands in warm water and then rub hand cream before bed works miraculouly !
@Citychic (4078)
• United States
28 Feb 09
I tend to think that moreso than the hands, the neck will quickly give away the age of a woman. With the hands you can hide them somewhat but the neck is just out there for all the world to see. You should check the neck periodically to make sure that everything is still in tact.
@Lindery (854)
• Latvia
25 Feb 09
I do care of my hands everyday. Now when it's winter it isn't that easy because they get dry and red from too cold outside. I remember to wear gloves to protect them from cold winds. Every evening I moisturize my hand and whole body. Once a week I put a special warming mask for my hands, make a manicure.
@mmiceli (382)
22 Feb 09
Thanks for the tips! My mom tells me this all the time and I try super hard to keep my hands looking nice. I just cleaned the bathroom so my hands are feeling super dry.. time to moisturize! =]
@playapal (894)
• United States
22 Feb 09
You are so right, hands give away your age very quickly. I keep hand lotion in the bathrooms, kitchen and beside the bed. Also carry it in my purse with me. Unfortunately lately I have noticed a couple of age spots on my left hand. I have tried apply lemon juice and so called whiteners to them but can't tell any difference. Do you have any hints?
• Philippines
21 Feb 09
hello there tudors. :) Yes of course i really take care of my hands. thank you for the tips miss tudors. :) For me, Hands are one of the assets that you can be proud of so you should maintain its cleanliness and softness. I do moisturize it and putting some protection. But my hand's weakness is the keyboard. I feel tired typing and my hands as well. :(