MegaUpload Is A Scam Fake Or True!!

@rezax123 (395)
February 21, 2009 11:33am CST
Anyone among you got any money from Megaupload? Megaupload promised that will give reward money. if anyone got any money than plz share you experience with us. coz many people says that its a Scam. They never pay. is it true?
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• Hungary
14 Nov 11
The rewards program are gone from Megaupload and Megavideo and the old links also are broken. What is happened?
• Hungary
15 Nov 11
Thanks, but I have Wupload (and FileSonic) accounts. My Megaupload account is rather used for long time storage so my points came slowly. It wasn't my main income, but if I can earn money with Mega, then why not? :)
@rezax123 (395)
• Norway
15 Nov 11
good job dude. but i m happy with my UL income. its better than others.
• Canada
24 Jan 12
@userbacsi, if you read my comment just below, it will answer your question unfortunate!
@yetigirl (76)
• Spain
8 Nov 10
I actually received payment. Few months my husband, 2 friends and I started the list link and decided to use megaupload to distribute it, as it is a free suscription (only announcers pay, and not much). We started the mouth-ear chain, and first month we received some members, but two months ago we received a massive amount of suscribers, so we reached 100000 download points. We converted points and received the platinum year and the money on a transfer. Very correct. Probably by end of year we'll reach the lifetime platinum, and more money. They payed me, I will post payment proof tomorrow, as I ask it from the bank.
@reploid (1331)
• France
21 Sep 09
I've just registered onto this service, If they pay me or not doesn't count since I'm looking for a place to upload my files. But If they pay me I'll be happy.