i tend to worry a lot

United States
February 21, 2009 9:26pm CST
sometimes i get realy scared about silly things and when it realy is serious i panic i start to hyperventilate my hearts beating realy fast and i rock back and forth sometimes i bite my thumb almost to the point were its bleeding i get realy warm and get headaches and overwhelmed by everything i have never been to the hospital because of this but it worrys my parents and family
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@oyenkai (4398)
• Philippines
24 Feb 09
Could it be that you have OCD? Worrying about small things and having the compulsion to check on everything is a sign. Sometimes the lack of control on things gets people to panic and act as you described. Rocking back and forth relieves tension because of the repetitive movement. This is usually what people with autism. I'm not saying you're autistic but that that specific movement is common among them. Also, you can't be autistic (not in its true sense) because you still have a sense of social ties - they don't. I think a meeting with a professional would do you good. If your parents are worried about you and you want to know for yourself what's going on then what about setting up a meeting with a psychologist? That doesn't necessarily mean you're messed up on the brains - but it would be healthy to know yourself more :) I hope you figure it all out soon! Thanks for the response on my discussion! http://thingswelovetohate.blogspot.com http://canihascheeseburger.blogspot.com