google adsense

February 22, 2009 3:55am CST
hi mylotters! need some help!!! are you familiar with adsense in google?! when I open my accountin google adsense, I see this message "your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release the payments" but I only have 10$ I thought the minimum payment in google adsense is 100$!?! hope you can help me!!!!! thank you in advance!!!
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• India
22 Feb 09
yes dude.. today when i logged in to my account similar question popped up in my account panel. i made 12$ in 3 days.. once you will reach 10$ you will be asked to enter your taxation information.This will occur once.You have to paytax if you are a US resident.If you not a us residentthen you dont have to pay any tax. i have completed the task..i have entered my signature and i am done and since i not a us resident so i dont have to pay any tax. dont worry its just a general formality and complete your taxation information..
• Philippines
22 Feb 09
hi! additional question: i'm from the philippines, do i need to enter my tax information??!
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
thank you for the information!