Saying goodbye on a post valentine treat T_T

@rainzero (505)
February 22, 2009 3:59am CST
Asking my girl out, spend one whole day with her like accompany her to go shopping, buy her some few things which you wanted to buy for her, eat out in a fancy diner, watch the the evening, i will drive her into a high place wherein we can overlook the city and gaze upon the stars together... i will hold her hand tight, hug her so close to me...whisper her "baby, i love you so..." we will wait for the brand new day together...and when the sun rise in the sky...i will look her in the eyes and say... "baby, it's a brand new life for both of us...after this, we may not know where to see each other, but remember last night, i was with you and you were with me til this very moment. the love i have from the day i first held your hand until the day i will let you go never changed...but then, this is what our love it should be...take care where ever you'll go... Good bye..." Sounds cheesy! well, i know its cheesy, but what the heck, how do you say good bye to your lover in a very different way? cheers!^_^
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@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
Hi rainzero! It is always very difficult to say goodbye and even how much one will try to practice it or think a way on how one will go about it, something will always go wrong. The hurt and pain of the one being left behind will surely mess your plan or your well though out plan. Just try to be as gentle as possible but mind you, no matter how you say will surely hurt. Take care and blessings to you always!
• India
22 Feb 09
Hello my friend rainzero Ji, Truely speaking, in our families, in our social life, this culture has not yet but-in we are free from this world, but after our marriage, whenever, we parted for various reasons, it was most difficult for both of us. Imagine, we have been together since forty yrs now, except for his duty and social events in the family. I distincly remeber how sad was my hubby, while laeving for 1971 war, when i was on way to become mother for the first time in my life. These feelings can never be explained through words. They are to be understood by experiences. may god bles you and have a great time.