White--collar Crime

@tudors (1556)
February 22, 2009 8:22am CST
A variety of illegal acts committed by peoplein the course of their employment, for personal gain, are known as white-collar crime. Theft, embezzlement and trading securities on the basis of insider infomation are common forms. The majority of cases involve low-level workers who steal because they are under temporary financial stress. Many plan to return the money as soon as possible but may never do so . Their crimes are usually never discovered because the amounts of money are small, no one notice the loss. However, there are some large scale white--collar crime, such as multimillion-dollar stock market or banking scams which take long time to discover. White--collar crime is not confined to business. Government employment also provides opportunities to line one's pockets. Although white-collar crime is less violent than street crime, it involves far more money and hrm to the public than crimes committed by street criminals. Very likely tht there are more criminals in offices than in the streets ! As the economy shifts from manufacturing to services and electronic commerce, chances for such crime will double or triple.
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@menulis (468)
• Indonesia
22 Feb 09
Well in my country its very clear to differ between white collar and blue collar. As you have mentioned above, they are rich and success. In my country, they were indentic with coruption case, some also did big criminal cases. But the punishment is not heavy. Compare with blue collar, sometimes they get unfair from goverment. For example they got a year in jail after thief a chicken but a coruptor only got a month in jail for 1million corruption. Its unfair..thanks[i post by phone, sory if i make many mistake both ide and grammar]
@tudors (1556)
• China
22 Feb 09
oh my goodness ! it's absolutely insane, ridiculous ! one million only pay a small price of one-month jail? Such legislation is surely encourage officials' corruption ! thank, good day.