You HAVE TO make a seq.

United States
August 25, 2006 11:08pm CST
I cant believe you Midway! You've gotta be crazy not to make a 2nd Psi-Ops. That game at that time was the best game I have ever played. I mean, what kind of game is that when at the end of the game it says "to be continued." And you dont make a 2nd game!!! Thats so cheesy! I've got lots of ideas here in my head for the 2nd. I was thinking that you could put different powers in the different kind of powers. Ex.-telekinesis:L1+square could be to crush the item that your picking up or L1+triangle could be to charge the item in the direction your pointing at. If you've ever heard of GOD of WAR take that for example. LIke when you level up the Blades of Chaos level by level it gives you a new attack each time you level it up. And when you do level them up, each button (X,square,tringle,circle+L1=a different move each button)is different from the others. The point is PLEASE!!!make a 2nd Psi-Ops. If you don't you are letting all your fans DOWN!
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26 Sep 06
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