Apple Macs???

@nabs24 (40)
February 22, 2009 2:23pm CST
I have used an apple mac a couple of times before and i find they are quite good but and i hear they are basically virus proof since no-one bothers to make a virus for a operating system no-one uses. But how many of you mylotters own or use one on a regular basis. I only use them for music editing and media editing like Videos and other things along that line but i have never seen someone that actually owns one and i can't see what there drawback is. They are a bit on the expensive side but not too much and still everyone is obsessed with Windows (Including me). So what is major difference???
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• United States
22 Feb 09
The thing about macs is that unlike PCs they aren't that compatible with many things. So if you're the type of person that downloads a bunch of games or programs I would make sure your favorites are compatible with macs before crossing over to a mac.
@blitz069 (38)
• Australia
22 Feb 09
the major difference for me is a mouse button. macs only have one...