My Yorkie Poo

@1gidget (152)
United States
February 22, 2009 4:42pm CST
My boyfriend thinks the hair over Gidget's eyes are too long. Gidget is my Yorkie Poo. I never knew that a dog would be so... so...time consuming. Is that what I mean? Such a pain. So silly. I actually am a cat person. Not that I don't love Gidget. Gidget is so full of energy and such a mop. She looks like a little black mop! My mom said that the other day. I didn't know how to take it because my mom tries to push my buttons sometimes and other times she is just out there. Anyway, what am I supposed to do about the matts (Is that how you spell it) in my Yorkie Poo's hair. The matts are a huge problem! And she cries if I try to brush her or pull at the matts to get them out. The matts (I'm just going with that spelling) are everywhere!!!!! On her chest, on the sides of her body, near her tail. Actually the hair on her head is the only tame hair. So, back to that, should Yorkie Poo's have their hair trimmed short around there eyes. I think she looks so cute with long hair. But the matts are the biggest problem.
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@moneymommy (3419)
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23 Feb 09
Your dog sounds very cute. Do you have a picture? I have a schnauzer as you can see from the picture. I think those mop dogs are pretty cute!
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