Do you food fight?

February 22, 2009 6:01pm CST
I'd have o say this guy is just plain weird LOL "While many employees are loosing their jobs, a brownie- and cookie-wielding Wisconsin, restaurant worker proved that getting fired isn't a piece of cake. - An employee trashed a Qdoba restaurant in an attempt to get fired and collect unemployment compensation. - The 35-year-old man showed up and started throwing brownies and cookies on the floor. - The man then went into the kitchen and threw pots and pans around, then went into a storage area and threw boxes of hot sauce on the floor. - He told police that he couldn't collect unemployment if he simply quit." Would you ever do this to collect EI?
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@messageme (2821)
• United States
23 Feb 09
This guy must really hate his job! Couldn't he come up with any thing better to do, such as, show up to late everyday until he got fired or do a no call no show a day and then show up late the next day and then another no call no show. Evetually the boss would get tired of it and fire him. I thought the employer had to ok the unemployment before he could recieve it anyways.
• Canada
23 Feb 09
LOL I have no clue. Either he has misinformation or maybe it doesn't work that way where ever he is.