We are all aware of today's crisis.....

February 22, 2009 7:30pm CST
We are all aware of today's crisis.....but I just don't get it to understand what in the world he is thinking my colleague wanted to resign his great stable job for this reason "I just want to experience a jobless life" what on earth? is he thinking.! Oh come on, i used all my energies to convince him not to resign but he is totally 100% sure he would render his resignation letter... Tsk tsk! I know for sure maybe he's not happy with his job maybe...but we should be practical now! Some people are dying and sacrificing to be far away from their loved ones just to get a job any work abroad just to support their family because their jobless in their own country. But with this man with all the opportunity in his hands just wanted to throw it away because of that reason? He also expressed I wanted to quit coz my heart is not into it. But hey come on, he's not under-employed he's on the right track, not unless if his a nurse and now working as call center agent. He should be grateful, he is employed. What should I do with him...can you give more advice?....
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• Philippines
23 Feb 09
Hey bohol_27, he just want to experience the life of being "miserable" LOL.... Try to convince that person in a reverse psychology way. Probably, he'll try to jump out in the office hahahaha (just kidding) Happy MyLotting my friend and thanks for accepting my referral program I love it LOL :)