any other interesting topics do you have in mind?

@Zaphan (711)
February 22, 2009 10:11pm CST
I've been a member of this cyber society for a month now.. and only selected interesting topics I have had response to... It seems that almost all of us are aiming to earn money.. posting topics that are not really interesting and none sense, are you wasting your time posting those topics just to earn??? maybe the majority wants to have a discussions that will give them knowledge and not just a crap...
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@knaphih (57)
• Australia
27 Feb 09
True, True. Most of the topics here are directed just to earn some money. But I must say I've come across some great topics as well. Happy Lotting... :)
@Shawchert (1040)
• United States
23 Feb 09
I find some topics rather drab, but I have not had any problem finding topics I can jump into and respond to, I've found some pretty well written topics as well. I myself, choose wisely on what to say about whatever it is I want to talk about. it's not always easy cause there's always something to talk about. I hope you find more topics to your liking. and by the way this place is mainly for making money so you might find money hoarders here. anyway happy mylotting!