Yaoming is a big man in this field

February 22, 2009 10:55pm CST
I think if who like PE, he or she will know Yaoming, he is a successfully basketball player in China, I would like to watch his game , today morning he is win and I 'm verty glad to see this, he was 19 poins and 7 backboards and have 4 assistant,this is wonderfull.
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@samXXX (44)
23 Feb 09
To be truth, Yao is overestimated, he is a good player but not the best. The medias, especially chinese medias, often exaggerate Yao's ability. They always say how wonderfully he plays and how greatest he is and how definitely the core he is, however, when Rockets lost, no matter how his performance is, the reasons of loss are said other teammates didn't support Yao well. I don't think the team's core isn't responsible for the team's loss. Yao isn't worthy of trust at the critical moment in the match, his ability and character affect that he can't often perform well when the team need him. I am glad to him when Yao play well and Rockets win, and I am proud of him, but he is not as good as what the medias say.
• China
24 Feb 09
Agreed, there are so many basketball fans support him, especially in the country he comes from, his commercial value is so huge that the medias always pay so much atten on him.
• China
25 Feb 09
Yao is a good player,but the Rockets still has some problems.Of course,Yao is a symbol of Chinese basketball.I believe he can lead his team to the second round of playoffs.
• China
23 Feb 09
Yao is playing more important part in rocket now