let's reach out to prisoners make them feel important too...

February 23, 2009 2:24am CST
I work in school and of course I love working with kids. Last friday I set up a club reach out to prisoners and orphanage. I brought all my club members who are grade three up to six graders. These kids comes from well off family. We have decided to bring some goods to the prisoners and orphan children. I was touched totally when the kids got lot of learning insights from our activity. With this just a half day experience I gave, I'm sure this will help them become more generous citizen in the country and do better in school, and come to appreciate the family they have. I write this up to reach out with you guys whose gonna read my article. I would like you reader to be more generous with the prisoners, a little something to give them such as toothpaste, soap, toothbrush would mean a lot to them. It's not easy to be away or neglected by the society, though they have sinned but I'm pretty sure they have paid it already, by living in a very uncomfortable jail. Ooops if you happen to buy 500 cell card for you load, spare the 100 buy a toothpaste, or a soap and I'm very sure you will brighten up their smiles...Be grateful for everything what we have.
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