Be your own government, what will you do?

@haneyl (17)
United States
February 23, 2009 4:56am CST
Well folks. I've been pondering this idea for a long long time And i'm sure at one point many Americans like my self saw this as a inevitable. but i'm not sure there is an american willing to embark on a war with Iran. I have several questions that i'm wondering if you can help provide answers/opinions to. -could the U.S. end Iran's nuclear ambitions with war? -how about with diplomacy? -is iran truthful about wanting "civil power" for the people? -will the U.S. ever bring stability to the middle east or is it not up to us? hope people can provide opinions and what they think should go case someones wondering i'm a democrat, will always vote for democrat, but i do in this position think war is the only answer since Iran is clearly determined to wipe israel off the map. iran is lying. and the U.S. will never, ever, bring stability to the Middle East. Be your own government, what will you do?
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