What can you call as the art of loving?

@Nahsik (205)
February 23, 2009 8:00am CST
What can you call as the art of loving? Feel free even if you feel like going wild,...then do so. But let me know what do you mean by saying thr true art of loving someone.
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24 Feb 09
There are many kinds of love, with different names, the best-known classifications being: Eros, philia and agape. Agape is the true art of loving that takes a lifetime to perfect. However, it can (and does!) take as much as a lifetime to perfect eros and philia...... The art of loving is all in one's head, but requires the whole heart, so to speak. Love means to me to desire another person's well-being, and in some cases to have other desires for that person (some of them are desires of which you are not sure what they are for, just that they're directed towards that person....There is a reason why the phrase in Spanish "Te quiero" means both "I want you" and "I love you". This phrase is used in any stuation of love, not just eros.....