Domestic violence shelters

@wrongway (277)
United States
February 23, 2009 10:20am CST
Domestic violence shelters are something you don't notice very much unless you are a victim of domestic violence. These shelters are not publicized and their locations are usually kept low key in order to protect the people they help. They survive on donations and community support, and are run by volunteers (at least the one we have here is). Currently our domestic violence shelter is in need of building repairs and other items needed to help women trying to leave an abusive situation. If you, or anyone you know has been a victim of domestic violence you can understand the importance of having these shelters. Won't you please visit my blog to read about our shelter and the fundraiser we are doing? Although you can make a donation via paypal on my site, I also give their mailing address so people can mail a contribution to them and be sure it is going where it is supposed to and not to a scam. My daughter and four grandsons fled to this shelter when her husband became so abusive mentally, emotionally and physically. She and the boys stayed there for 2 months at which time they helped her get into assisted housing. They helped with food, clothing, and counseling. If not for this shelter I don't know if my daughter and grandsons would be alive today. Please help this shelter so another mother can know her child and/or grandchildren can be safe.
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