my youngest is almost 13 and she is so chatty sometimes!!!

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February 23, 2009 3:12pm CST
she is supposed to be doing her homework, but is so easily distracted. i have the tv off, but she is just chatting away about nothing. she has a ton of work to makes me crazy...i don't want to be rude, i am happy she is talking nice to me at the moment but...i also don't want her up all night doing her homework.
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23 Feb 09
I am guessing that you want advice. I would talk to her and set up a schedual. I would ask her how much time she thinks each homework assignment will take and set a timer for one assignment. While the timmer is ticking she is to only work on that one assignment. when the time is up if she is not finished then she can take the time to finish. the reward is 15 minutes talk time. you and her will talk about what ever she wants (set a timer for that also). It seems silly but the timer will keep her focused and give her a goal. If she thinks she can finish her math homework in 20 minutes then she will push herself to beat the clock. It will take more from you because you will need to check her work to make sure she isn't just writing answers; but it could also bring you closer in these rough teenage years because with her "talk time" you will both be communicating.
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25 Feb 09
great idea! i am going to do this!!! thank you.