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@deanna2 (159)
United States
February 23, 2009 4:25pm CST
hi i would like to hear from some of you here on mylot what you think about cell phones being baned from use in vehicles and about the health issue on cell phones causeing brain cancer.
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• United States
24 Feb 09
while driving is good to be banned, ive been in the car and notice a shakey difference and its scary. the cancer, idk but possibly
@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
24 Feb 09
Banning use of cell phone altogether sounds as reasonable as banning use of electricity because of people dying of accidental eletricution... It should be the responsibility of people who are using it... I can understat nd being extra careful or even trying not using it during driving... Some people can't drink water & carry a book at the sametime let alone talk & drive... As far as cell phones being harmful to health, I'm not a doctor or scientist so I don't have any solid proofs... But at the same time, I've been using cell phone for 20 years now & I haven't felt any harmful affects from it... I got my first cell phone on my 18th birthday... I just had my 38th birthday little over a month ago... Ok, I'm a bit over weight according to my doctor's standards... I have a headache & migranes sometimes but not as bad as when I was younger, like when I was 11 & 12... Side of my stomach hurts a little every now & then but I know that's from having my apendix taken out... Broke my wrist & shoulder blade once, had car accident few times which cell phone was never once involved, my back hurts every so often from the injury I got when I was in college, twisted my ankle once... List goes on & on of health issues I've had but none of it which has anything to do with 20 years of using cell phone, somewhere between 1,500 - 2,000 minutes a month on average at that...!!! You tell me if using cell phone is harmful to my health...
@user_786 (1338)
23 Feb 09
it shouldnt be completely banned because sometimes there is absolutely no traffic on road or you are going on a local road at night time or at particular area where there isn't much traffic all the times, using cell phone in those conditions isnt harmful, so it should be banned for all conditions.