Phew, I got it back!

February 23, 2009 5:28pm CST
I was worried there for a while. I have been having such fun at a site called Pickjack (recommended by mylot user zhuuraan - you can find her link on her profile page url under website reviews) and it is quite addictive. However, I tried to login today and it did not recognise my account at first. Then when it did although I had referred somebody all of my money had disappeared. Now it may only be $0.199 and it may have been fun getting there and only take a short time but it is the principle of the thing. It felt like my money already so I felt robbed. I wrote to admin and asked if they were having a problem today but then had to go to work. I am very pleased to say that on my return, although I have not received a reply from admin as yet, not only am I able to login but my money has returned and my referral is still in my downline. So all is well again. It is great fun answering questions that have been submitted by other members and then submitting a relevant one myself. After every 10 submitted a member may submit one on a totally new subject of their choice. So there are loads of different topics to choose from and answers are mulitple choice. We earn from questions submitted, more for starting a new 'tree', related ones in the lower branches of the 'tree' (ie ones submitted by other members via your question) and from the activity of downline members. So come on over and give it a try. It is a great way to learn, earn and practise English. Does anybody know what the degrees mean in the My Pickjack page?
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@dlr297 (5418)
• United States
24 Feb 09
Hello, i also spend time each day at pickjack, It is very addicting. On their next pay day in march i will make way over their payout minimum so i will get paid again.The different degrees are the different Trees every time it goes to a different degree. When some one adds a relevant question it is a different degree. I believe that they only give us 3 degrees. What i usually do is each question that i answer i add a relevant question, and when i get to 10 I add a top question.hope to see you their.
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25 Feb 09
Thanks for that information. I looked up your name there and am answering some of your questions. Cor you post some difficult ones! They will tax my brain or make me go searching. I have a search site that pays me to search so that will help me earn too.