for the guys: what do you like better??a GIRL w/ long OR short hair??

@irishe (85)
February 24, 2009 12:20am CST
Ive noticed from various commercials of shampoos, mostly their models are girls with LONG hair, i don't know for the guys if that really what they want and what they think of girls w/ short hair??is there any difference??
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• India
24 Feb 09
hi irishe, it appears to me that many of the choices of a person are determined by the society in which he/she is brought up. in our part of the world, it is taught from very early age that long hairs are an integral part of beauty. there are so many stories and rhymes praising the girls with long hair. in this backdrop, i certainly favor the ones with long hair. but i have seen some girls who look quite pretty even with shorter hair. the ultimate choice depends upon the overall look not entirely upon the length of hair. may god make your hairs long, if you like them otherwise i pray to him to do otherwise