Is going on a date with your girlfrined? or boyfriend a good thing?

@Nahsik (205)
February 24, 2009 2:56am CST
Is going on a date with your girl/boyfriend? Dont be shy i know it happens at a partiular age range. So tell me about it pls dont feel offended and dont mind.
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• Philippines
25 Feb 09
i think going on dates with your special someone is very much a good thing!=) it keeps things fresh and you get discover new things about each other or reminisce together about the times you have spent together.. it is a special time to just be with them and bond wit your partner.. cause i think keeping things fresh and continuous discovery of your partner is one of the ways to keep your relationship growing =)
• United States
24 Feb 09
Going on a date can definitely be a good thing! Dates are fun ways to spend time with your significant other. It's a time to just be out with that person - nobody else. It's an opportunity to let your heart grow with that person and talk to them a lot more than you might on other occasions. It also depends what kind of date you go on. For example, you might bond more if you and this person went to a park alone and ate dinner later than you would if you spent 2 hours in a movie theater, not talking, surrounded by a lot of other people you don't know. Personally, I like the action better. You should do something you BOTH like. For example, guys get really frustrated when their girlfriends make them go to the hottest new chick flick. Maybe they might enjoy it, but you guys could get to know each other more - and get closer - by spending quality time, playing around on a playground, talking, joking, and even cuddling. Also, let me emphasize the fact that dates can be inexpensive and not be cheap to the heart. I feel like the more money a guy spends on me, the worse I feel. I like just simple playing around, relaxing, or talking. You don't need to spend a lot of money to have a good time! Hope that helps!