Pancake Day and Lent?

@Jamton (118)
February 24, 2009 6:35am CST
Do you have pancakes on pancake day? and do you every give anything up for lent? I always have pancakes on pancake day, and usually TRY give something up for lent, but I think my faith must not be strong enough as I never manage it. In all honesty I feel like a hypocrite as I'm not at all religious, but I think you sometime appreciate life more if you have to cut something important out of it. Do you ever give anything up and if you do, do you always see it through?
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@1gidget (152)
• United States
24 Feb 09
When is Pancake Day? Is that a joke? As for Lent: I used to do that "giving up something" thing when I was younger, but I don't anymore. I don't really know why I stopped. I always thought it was kind of fun, not that I was every very successful. I think I stopped about the time I went to college. So, my dad wasn't around to bug me about Lent. I'm going to do it this year.
@Jamton (118)
28 Feb 09
Good luck in giving something up! I've already given up giving up :( I forgot I wasn't meant to have it until afterwards!!
4 Mar 09
I make pancakes on pancake day and always wonder why I only do it once a year when they are so yummy! I used to give up chocolate for lent when I was younger but I am not religious anymore.
@trickiwoo (2702)
• United States
25 Feb 09
No I did not have pancakes on pancake day. I didn't even know it was pancake day! I usually do give up something for lent. This year I'm giving up soda! It will be difficult... especially eating out, but it's only for 40 days. I know I'll be able to do it. And whenever I do give something up for lent, I always see it through! New Year's resolutions... not so much.
• India
24 Feb 09
hmm I've never heard the term lent but i do have panckaes on every wednesday happy lotting and have a nice day! :D