Youtube is going crazy lately, don't you think?

February 24, 2009 8:26am CST
I'm sure everyone that has some videos on youtube has experienced this at least once - copyright issues. Lately I had so many videos deleted claiming they are copyrighted. I don't know what happened to this site, it used to be so fun and everyone could just make videos and share them for entertainment, now you have to be extra careful with whatever you put there so that they won't deleted it. I love making videos and amvs, but I never claimed the rights to any clips I used or songs. I even specified that in the details of every video I uploaded, and added credits to most of them, still it was useless. Really what is wrong with them? Those artists that denied us using their songs should actually be grateful we used them, we're promoting them for free this way. They should be proud, youtube videos are one of the best ways to promote new songs, it's their loss. Did you ever encounter problems with your videos?
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@ekimflow (121)
• United States
28 Feb 09
it's the haters and the trolls that are doing it.if they don't like something or don't know about it then they raise hell and start trouble to get it pulled.there's this guy on it that uses the first amemendant to rant about everybody the he hates or fears as in women.blacks,asiaians,hispanics you name it he picks on them but yet he needs some clearsil,a comb and to learn to speak and spell to piss-on him and his kind i made videos that he can't do anything about.check out my videos and see.
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24 Feb 09
Agreed. My friends and I put a video on there that had background song and they took out the song for copyright issues. They never use to do that! Its just a youtube video, let the copyright stuff go.