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@cheenlly (3483)
February 24, 2009 10:28am CST
Hi fellow mylotters, I was responding to a discussion about telemarketers earlier which made me remind about a phone scam a year ago. The story is that, I got a phone call one day from someone i didn't know and to my surprised she is telling me something that is quite unbelievable but possible. This is the first time i've heard and experience it myself, got a call from someone i didn't know telling me this pick up line when the moment i said hello, "Ma'am, did somebody tell you that you have something to claim. Someone has insured you." of course i was really skeptical about it and sound like a red flag but i keep asking details and really like to know more. When she said the company, it made me think it maybe possible because it is the same company that my GrandMa get my educational plan which was forfeited which i never used because i didn't know about it but just a possibility in my mind but i still keep ask question and i still didn't believe of course. Now when she mention about and ask that if i had credit card, then that's the time i prove myself right that is indeed a scam because when i told her that i don't have the credit card ( well just to test her reaction)well, i was not suprised because what's in my mind is exactly what she did. She said Ma'am ok i will call you again but she never did...hahaha Well unlucky of her because i am not ignorant with these kind of scams because like everybody else online, we always recieve a lot of email scams and i really hate them and the first time i had on a phone here in our place, speaking the same native dialect we had is really too much. Gosh! i was thinking how many had she scam that time and still this time. What a world she had the nerve to fool someone. First and foremost, on the first thought i had when i said hello, asking here where did you get my number. That is already a bell ringing saying its a scam because the fact is that my phone number is very new that time like just a week and how come she got my number if someone insured me when nobody know about my number. Second is that how come someone insured me and i can get it when i am still kickin and alive. Well its obviously a big scam. Shame of her. So what about you my fellow mylotters, have you tried the same experience i had or have you heard something about phone scam? Share your thoughts and experiences. Have a nice day!
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@oyenkai (4398)
• Philippines
12 Mar 09
I've been receiving a few emails from some guy named Michael and he keeps on talking to me like we've actually spoken before. However, I'm not the type of person who actually inquires if I know someone or not - if I can't remember him/her then I just drop the mail or the text message and move on. - So I assigned him in my Spam folder. Then just early this week, I was looking for a certain email (completely unrelated to the email I was mentioning) so I checked on my Spam folder. Then I saw that he's been sending me a few more that I never checked. So out of curiosity, I checked it... and I even posted it on my blog because I found it hilarious: You know what happens next? Somebody from myLot actually MET the guy. He turns out to be a Scam. She commented on my blog and I followed her link where she relater her own experience. Thanks for the response on my discussion!
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
18 Nov 09
I havent had that kind of phone scam. Most of them are only through text messaging where in an unregistered number would say that they are my relative and they have presents for me and the rest of the family but I need to give them load credits so they will be able to call me and tell me all the details on how to get the package. There are also those that I have to type in a keyword to a certain number so that I will have the chance to win a good cash amount. I never respond to these kinds of messages. When the number is unregistered in my phone, I dont respond to it unless the sender of the sms message identifies him/her self clearly and that I can confirm if I really know them or not. There have been instances wherein I did respond to them sarcastically. There was this one time wherein the sender was trying to fool me in sending him/her load credits. I replied with they should send that to this(the local police hotline) number and that they're sure to get a response. Of course I never get any responses back.LOL But sure is something to give them a taste of their own medicine.