article spinning

@jbosari (155)
United States
February 24, 2009 11:43am CST
When it comes to article spinning, is JetSpinner the only game in town for free spinners?I'm not crazy about the interface and I'm trying to find something else I can try that won't cost me. thanks!
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@jenshak (42)
• United States
27 Feb 09
As a writer, one of the contracts I have is with a company that does article spinning. My job is to take the original article and rewrite it in a manner that it can be placed into the software and be spun to create 100 unique articles. I am not sure about any other free software that is going to produce quality articles for you, but I know that the company I have a contract with is fairly inexpensive. I believe that for 7.99 you get 100 uniquely spun articles. They are worth checking into, Niche Article Pro. I can also recommmend that you invest in Firepow, which is a member ship site that can really kick your website into high gear, and that software spins articles for you. I know you asked for free help, but sometimes for quality you have to pay alittle bit. :)
• Australia
28 Feb 10
There is quite a debate going on at Hubpages where one author has challenged another to prove if article spinning works.