friendships, exes and marriage

February 24, 2009 1:21pm CST
Two and a half years ago, I went on holiday to cyprus with my best friend. During this time, she complained about being single. I jokingly suggested that she should date my ex boyfriend, a guy whom she called ugly and a waste of space while I was with him. She sent a picture of herself in a bikini to him as a joke and things went from there. They are now getting married in the next few months. I find it all a bit strange, needless to say, we are not friends anymore. It all became to wierd when she started boasting about how much he was spending on her etc. Any opinions on this? By the way, Im happily settled with a great guy and I dumped my ex, not the other way around!!
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@daneg33 (1131)
• Canada
24 Feb 09
That whole situation sounds totally bizarre. I know how weird it is to see your ex with someone you know. You wonder a lot of things. She sounds like someone who is not really a friend, just a user. You didn't need her anyway. I found that when I moved across the country, my ex sort of "stole" all of my friends that I was close with because he lived in the area and not me. They basically chose to cut off contact with me and hang out with him. I guess it would sort of make sense because I am 2500 miles away, but still, it was hurtful. Silly thing is that 17 years later a few of them found me on facebook and kind of took up where they left off. I'm willing to forgive and forget, I guess.