Looking for a job in New Delhi. The job profile can/must cover..........

November 10, 2006 12:30am CST
sales, marketing, brand development, client handling, showroom management, retail exhibitions in and out Delhi. I am workign with a company where i deal with sales and marketing, brand development, client handling, conception of new product ideas, managing exhibitions in and out of India. I also handle the showroom and the foreign clients of the company. I have a BA Hons degree in English Literature, a professional diploma in Advertising, media and pr, and a diploma in spanish language. I have worked with a company for 2 years in a permanent capacity and for 2 years before that in a temporary capacity as a sales person at various exhibitions. My problem is that i don't know who to send my cv to and who not to. If you have any suggestions or advice please e-mail me at shwetaberiwal@gmail.com
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