Hear unto death !!!!

@krajibg (11936)
Guwahati, India
February 24, 2009 11:20pm CST
First thing people love to talk. Some know where to pull break and some know not what a full stop is. They just go on without obeying the traffic signals of Speech Act like comma, semi colon, dash or slash. They even care not if or not any soul is paying attention to what they are talking about.One such species of talkers is the political men who are thunderingly loud and irrelevant. They seek to make their presence felt by hook or by crook. They are not abnormal either. Very normal beings like you and me but still talk and talk and talk all by ignoring the audience/listeners. Where are the listeners? When a person talks he/she talks to a folk of listeners. There would be listeners if the talk is interesting and absorbing and to the point. Still there is a limit like whatsoever the height of hunger and the taste of food, there would arrive a moment when a person would say 'no, not any more'. If the speech of the speaker is like that of Antony in the play "Julius Caesar" one would listen for hours but how many of them are there like Antony? Provided a chance every Tom and Harry would start talking and where are the listeners? This is my experience from attending various Seminars and functions where people talk and talk regardless to the interest of the audience/listeners. Now I am scared of attending any Social function or Seminar lest I should die by listening to the longer than Mississippi speech people would deliver there. My thing is, I will listen if you too listen to me or else 'excuse me! I am busy otherwise'.
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