fashion in 2009

@tudors (1556)
February 25, 2009 9:32am CST
what's in fashion in 2009? boots make a comeback. The length will be above the knee and the material - both leather and suede. You can wear them over slim pants, tights as well as with short skirts and dresses. On the other extreme, shoe boots or ankle boots will be making their debut. Cut-out boots are there to woo you in 2009, in winters as well as in early summers The gladiator sandals are going to be hot in 2009 Platform sandals will also form a part of the shoe trend in 2009. In 2009, animal prints will surely rule the roost. Boots in fake snakeskin and crocodile skin shoes, worn in combination with wide leg pants and skirts, will be the 'in' style Talking about shoe colors, bright, hot and vivid are the keywords for 2009 the hot hues of red, orange and yellow into your shoe-rack. Just make sure to pair these colors with skin-friendlier shades, like blue and white. Pink is also going to be popular this season. Are you wearing them already ? or head for it ?
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@gohan2091 (544)
12 Mar 09
I don't see the reason. Statements or predictions telling you what you can and cannot wear in 2009. If someone wants to wear something, they should, no matter what year it is. I also don't see how something can fall out of fashion in a matter of weeks/months. Ok, it's not good to wear something that's 10 years old, but come on...
• Hong Kong
4 Mar 09
Thanks! I love pink and I love boots and therefore I think I am really happy with this year's style! I already read that for the accessories, they should be chunky! But I don't follow trends that much, I usually just add a few fashionable items in my wardrobe and that would be it.
• United States
3 Mar 09
Well boots, dresses, skinny/slim jeans, and gladiator sandles have been in since late 2007 early 2008. I myself am not really a fan. I wear my boots under my pants and always will. Granted I'm short so doing otherwise will not look good. I HAVE noticed that this year's spring lines are a mix of hippy and the 80s and not the good parts if any. I'm not touching it with a ten foot pool because I believed when it started to become popular and since it has been. That skinny jeans should have stayed 6 foot under in the 80s that acid wash skinny jeans should stay 12 foot under. I'm nervous to see what else is coming.
• United States
25 Feb 09
I already have a pair of ugg boots. I probably won't buy any "crazy" colored ones. But I really like animal print. I don't really worry about staying ontop on fashions too much.