Bopolar disorder

United States
February 25, 2009 11:38am CST
How many people do you know have bi-polar disorder? It seems like it is a common disorder I am just curious how many people you know that have it..
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@abhi_dude (127)
• India
6 Mar 09
I guess you mean bi-polar disorder.. what is it ?? Is it something like getting attracted to two kinds of people.. or not getting attracted at all .. or some mental disorder.. never heard.. is your friend suffering from it ?? How do you know about it
• United States
6 Mar 09
Yes I mean bi-polar disorder. It is a mental disorder that cause extreme mood swings. I am a psychology student, my mother suffers from it along with paranoid schizophrenia. Many people have it and do not seek help. If untreated many people with this disorder commit sucide.It is really sad because it can be help with medicine and people are just afraid to ask for help.
@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
25 Feb 09
I taught in a school and one of the male teachers had bipolar disorder. I think he controlled it with medication. He used to turn up to meetings late and he was told to select a historical person for his class to study. I decided on Captain Cook and he thought of the Titanic. It wasn't a person so he was upset about that. He taught Monday to Friday and worked for no pay in a charity shop on a Saturday. So he was a nice person that I remember. I have a friend with bipolar disorder I know he can go into periods of depression which is sad for him.
• Philippines
25 Feb 09
i personally don't know anyone who is medically and properly diagnosed with the disorder, but as a student nurse i have been assigned to a psychiatric ward and has been exposed to patients with this disorder.. =)
@jonc9889 (10)
• United States
25 Feb 09
My sister had it, and a friend of mine also has it. It is a pretty common disorder. It can be easy to treat with the right medications.