do you living with your parents or parentsinlaw if you get married?

February 25, 2009 6:44pm CST
heard lots of stories that those problems arising between the daughter inlaw and the parents inlaw. the daughterinlaw always complain the parentsinlaw 's bad habits or don't as good as her owns. even the parents inlaw only love their own son while don't care the daughter inlaw's sick. but another story from the mother inlaw is that the daughter inlaw 's bad habit. don't love even respect her parentsinlaw. ah...what a difficult relationship to keep with. then what's your opinion about this ?
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• China
26 Feb 09
Hi,celebratelifeh, i am interesting in your subject. I think the conflict between the daughterinlaw and parents inlaw is unavoidable. There are some problems beteen twe generations. So i will live alone if i get married.
• China
11 Mar 09
hello.i think i also would life alone wheter get married or not. have a nice day.
@zed_k4 (17627)
• Singapore
17 Jul 09
Hello there, my friend. To answer your question, I believe that to live off alone with the intended spouse is a more better idea than living with parents in law or parents. In that way, it could be said that no one makes use of anyone and no one really gets bullied in a way. Like stories we have heard surrounding daughters and sons with their in laws. Another good theory to living off alone would be good training should one day parents and in laws are no longer around, the couple would know how to survive independently. Then only can they teach the moral values of that to their children and so hence and so forth..