is greenlee REALLY dead?

United States
February 25, 2009 9:08pm CST
i mean yeah i have been reading for MONTHS now that greenlee would die and the actress quit ETC but think about it.. they have not even found her body and yet everyone is excepting that she is dead.. i have seen in the past where people would have been buried and they would go on about how they "cant be dead" and not to mention all the fake deaths in the past!! im thinking she has amnesia and got help and will live a few years in a different state as suzie or something and then some how remember her identity and come back to pine valley to screw up what ever ryan is up to at that time.. if i am right i will be pissed but seriously why have they not found her yet? and why did every one just give up? they looked for her and zach for like a month in the same weather and still didnt believe they were dead! giving up easy much!
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