Is it hard to earn $10 in Mylot?

February 25, 2009 10:48pm CST
I saw some opinions form Mylot that it is hard to earn $10 in Mylot. Because i am a new user, can you tell me is it true, or how much you have earned?
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@Pitgull (1523)
• United States
26 Feb 09
It depends on how often you use it. I do not think it is that difficult if you use your time wisely...or have a fast computer. Set goals, and eventually you will realize it is quite simple. Get involved, and before you know it you will have your $ :) and Friends :)
• United States
26 Feb 09
I just started too and I am finding it a bit difficult to reach my payout. However, I'm having fun reading other people's opinions and posting topics that I'm not really paying attention to how far away I am from payout. Happy posting and good luck!
• China
26 Feb 09
I think you are right, now i have a lot of time online but my computer is slow, especially this page. but i am quite active in mylot. i hope i will reach my goal and know lots of friends as you. Great thanks!
@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
4 Mar 09
Well, honestly, it is challenging to say the least to earn that fast here in myLot. But, you don't have to focus on that often. You just have to enjoy it as much as you can, participate as much as you could and post long quality posts so that you would indeed earn more than usual. Being focused too much in earning isn't a good motivation. You could recruit other members here and you could have a percentage out of their earning if you really do want to earn fast but, those new members that you have also recruited should also be active as well. At any rate, just enjoy and have a good time being active here in myLot (^_^ ) I have already cashed out a couple of times here in myLot and I simply try to enjoy. If I don't reach payout, there's always next time after all. (^_^ )
@18101989 (700)
• India
27 Feb 09
Yes i think it is very difficult to earn money here at mylot but only for those person who are not active and who don't like to write much. otherwise, it is very easy earning money if you just understand how can you earn money here at mylot.Some of the easiest way are :- 1) Just refer some active down line and you will earn 25% of whatever your down line earn. 2) Respond to more and more discussion and start new discussion with the most responses. 3)Upload more and more picture not more than 10. Hint :- Try to increase your over all ranking and respond more discussion there will be some effect on your earning it won't be much but will be good.