If I use drugs, will you still accept me even if it doesn't make me an artist?

drugs: to use or not to use - that is the question

BUT FOR ME, it aint a question anymore because I will never, ever use it.
February 25, 2009 11:32pm CST
I don’t understand it. If an artist uses drugs to create something artistic, its sort of acceptable. But if people without an artsy side uses drugs, it is NOT acceptable. Drugs as stimulant? Then why not drink coffee. It will not make you as high as drugs but at least, its not prohibited. Just don't abuse it because anything too much is BAD. Whatever other people may think, I still believe that drugs can do no good to me or to anybody. It will just kill the life I want to live. DRUG EFFECTS: (warning, some of these may be bias) 1. You become creative. 2. You might do something REALLY cruel like, Kill someone, rape somebody, steal something... 3. You feel that you are in heaven. 4. You feel that you have no problems anymore. 5. You get a life without a sense of direction. 6. You believe in the quote: "I just live by the moment" 7. You get paranoid. 8. You loose or gain weight. 9. You get the feeling of unexplained need for money. 10. You become a new person. your attitude changed. P.S. I don't use drugs. I just wondered about this thing because we recently watched an art movie in our art appreciation class wherein the artist uses drugs to get high and create something artsy. Our professor told us something like this: What is bad? The artist using drugs OR the people seeing the artist using drugs? I really don't get it. How on earth can I appreciate that part of the discussion if I need to consider or accept the part of the artist using drugs as a method of getting his creative side out and put on to his works. Please enlighten me more.
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