Which is the first cartoon you first saw when you was little?

February 26, 2009 2:58am CST
I think that everyone saw at least one cartoon or anime when they were kids,they're are a lot of people who watch them even today when they are already grown up!
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@mimimeow (295)
• Hong Kong
5 Apr 09
Candy candy. God, I feel so old now. I remember Xeba, there was something called Shela. I forget the name, I loved the cartoon about a small child and a tall tiger.
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@ronharold (555)
• Philippines
26 Feb 09
The first one i saw is bugs bunny and mickey mouse.
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• United States
3 Mar 09
My first cartoon was Looney Toons I believe. Either that or Betty Boop. I loved watching it all the time. My mother is a big cartoon lover and that is what hooked me into it in the first place. She seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did. Then I would watch ThunderCats, Smurfs, Snorfs, and X-men to name a few. And now that I've gotten a bit older I also enjoy anime. I've been watching anime since I was in middle school and my friend hooked me with Witch Hunter Robin. Now I've watched movies with my mom like Sprited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and others and in the subbed form she's hooked. She loves watching them with me and looks out for new anime.
@GoThere (110)
• Indonesia
14 Mar 09
The first cartoon i watched probably is donald duck LOL.. I'm a little forget :p But the longest series i ever seen is Doraemon.
@flagella08 (5069)
• Philippines
3 May 09
my fave - cartoon
im fond of porky pig and mickey mouse since birth. i remember my mickey and porky bags. even my lunchbox are starred by these two. my mom used to buy me minnie mouse hair clips too.
@gunagohan (3415)
• India
3 May 09
im 19 now, still i watch anime...im a die hard fan of anime.. my first time cartoon when i was single was The jungle book and Mickey and Donald.. i never forget these two anime's ..i love jungle book...mougli my favorite anime character... i like jungle cubs too..sher khan in his younger age...
@Shula101 (268)
• New Zealand
8 Apr 09
Transformers, Shinzo, Pokemon lol, Digimon, alot of cartoons. Dunno what was my first.
@mizstress (719)
• Philippines
7 Apr 09
the first cartoon i saw aaaahhhh is hmmmmmmm the flying house.. flying house is all about a flying house which is a time machine that bring them back to the past to witness the bible events.. i love the robot.. hehe
@grace24 (1050)
• Philippines
5 Apr 09
As far as i can remember i think the first cartoon that I have watched before was sailor moon. I don't know but that one is the cartoon that i had ever watched that i can't forget.
@animestan (323)
• Canada
20 Mar 09
Hmm, dennis the menice (cant spell) sailor moon, monster rancher, loony toons just to name a few
• Romania
28 Feb 09
I don't think I remmber the very first cartoon, but the very first anime I watched was Sailor Moon ^^ I didn't know it was an anime back then, of course, but I was so addicted to it! :) Cartoon... maybe Tom and Jerry... I'm not sure, but it was my favourite.
@genterx (110)
• Mexico
27 Feb 09
Xera, masters of the universe, thundercats, teenage mutant ninja tutles, gummi bears, the last unicorn, flight of dragons. ect the list goes on!
• United States
27 Feb 09
Kimba the white lion was the 1st and since then fell in love with crtoon's at that time it was tarzen,transformer's,voltron,xmen,and not really a cartoon but HR PUFF IN STUFF LOL, I miss my calling trust me love cartoon's and anime and i'm 47 and still watch them
@lazeebee (5468)
• Malaysia
26 Feb 09
I think the first one I saw was Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Even now, I still enjoy watching Donald Duck - that grumpy, funny little fellow!