gm 9 billion dollar loss

@max1950 (2313)
United States
February 26, 2009 7:24am CST
didn't we just give these people millions or billions to get them out of hock ? where did it go already ? are we supposed to give them more money now just so we can let the auto makers keep their jobs and not giving up anything and retire at 40 with full retirement and benefits, when others are losing their jobs at an alarming rate who the he1l runs this country, thats right the auto co's, pharmaceutical co's that come out with new drugs every week that no one can afford, im pissed, this morning trillions are going to be given out, trillions. it used to be lets give them hundreds of thousands of dollars, well those days are over, now it comes in millions and billions. i had to put life down for the intrest here because there's not one for "screwed again" and whos the top guy that paid or wasted 1000000 for a sheryl crow show and said screw the taxpayers. that just started my day at 5am and it took this long to calm down, whats happening here ???? does anyone know, anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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