@hershiez (464)
February 26, 2009 11:22am CST
Boredom, technically speaking, is a psychological state in which you will feel an unpleasant lack of interest plus a difficulty in concentrating. In other words, it is when you can't find anything else to do. Mylotters, I know getting bored cannot be avoided because it may be due to a lot of stress or fatigue. My question is...What are your ways to beat/kill boredom? or How to get rid of it? ^_^
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@modstar (9612)
• Philippines
27 Feb 09
I don't get bored easily. I can sit in one corner then still feel entertained. I loaded my phone with lots of stuffs like music, videos and picture. I have lots of games installed. I came here in Manila last October then got the most boring days of my life. I went home and now i'm back again in Manila but this time i got a phone enough to keep me entertained my entire stay here. I go out and meet with friends too!
@cvrajan (356)
• India
26 Feb 09
I leave whatever I do that bores me for a while; sit in my arm chair, look at the roof and do nothing; day dream for a while; sleep. Engage in idle and funny, jovial talk with family members; waste time uselessly at Internet including 'Mylotting'. At times I get bored of Mylot too! What to do? Back to sentence 1...