Are there any regulations in your country for keeping a pet ?

@tudors (1556)
February 26, 2009 9:33pm CST
In many countries people who own dogs have to buy a licence for that dog and it has to wear a collar with the licence number on it. That way, if it gets lost or if it is left on the street, the owner can be found. Any dogs whose owners can not be found after two weeks are destroyed (i.e. killed). The dog licence system also means that if owners mistreat their dog in any way, they may have their dog licence taken away from them so that they can not own a dog again. In some cities it is illegal for dogs to be in public places unless they are on a lead-in that way the owner can control the dog and prevent it from attacking people. It also means that any dog that is not on a lead can be picked up by dog control officers, so dogs can not live wild on the streets of a city; and if dogs are on leads, owners can see where their dog defecates and they can then remove the mess using plastic bags so that other people are not affected. Many cities also have laws about how much noise dogs can make-- if barking dogs disturb the neighbours, the dog's owner can be fined and sometimes the dog may be trained not to bark or it may even have its bark removed in an operation. It is, of course, impractical to put cats on leads as they are much more difficult to control than dogs, but owners should bring them in at night and not let them out until morning.
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2 Mar 09
In the USA service dogs have special rights to accompany their disabled owners.