what's ur highest replied discussion posted by you?

February 26, 2009 9:44pm CST
hey, all mylot friends here, whatt's ur best performance of ur post? here i mean..wt's the highest replies u've ever got ? to me.. some of my posts are not replied by anyone. somes are good. i am trying to understand wt kind of post ppl might like to reply, i still have no idea now.. to me..the highest replied i've ever got among my discussions maybe only 70... is there any secret on this? what's the highest replies u've ever got among ur discussions? thank you for reading best wishes
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@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
I guess the highest received replies that a discussion of mine earned would be over fifty. Its not really that much but, I surely felt some sense of accomplishment to it. I have read on a different discussion on how you could get your discussions earn more replies. I remember that you have to post at a particular time wherein the majority of members here in myLot are free, probably from work or from school? And then start your discussions, within the 'life' interest or so I remember as anyone could easily relate to that but, any interest should be okay. Also, try to have plenty of friends as much as possible. It would be also nice if they enable the notification feature when they add you up on their friends list. I do that most of the time so that I would get notified if they would start discussions and I would read them in my email, see if I would get interested without actually going here in myLot. You should also participate in a lot of discussions as those who started such discussions you've participated in, say you posted a very nice comment on their discussion, would be motivated to go to your profile and look at some of the discussions you posted and participate in them as well. Finally, just enjoy and don't focus too much and getting high replies on your discussions. I know it might sound odd to contradict the initial intention of getting high responses on discussions but, if you focus too much on that instead of enjoying being active in this site, you'd find more difficult to have discussions earning high replies that way.
• United States
27 Feb 09
I believe mine would have been 11 responses but i could be wrong I would have to go back and look.