What can I do about the neobux warning sign?

@majja1 (48)
February 26, 2009 11:17pm CST
Hi everyone, think I need some help with understanding this PTC business! I have clicked on all the advertisements that come up under "view advertisements" but still have a warning sign above it that says: you haven't viewed any advertisements today, you must view advertisements if you wish to receiev from your referrals tomorrow. I have only been member of neobux for 3 days and rented 10 referrals a couple of hours ago. It's the first time I joined a ptc site so maybe I am missing something really obvious. What are the steps you have to go through after renting referrals? I thought it was just to wait and hope that they were happy clickers.....
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@dvrtmcc (176)
• Eritrea
10 Mar 09
Yes maybe you have not been verified.