247bux is Now Dead!

@mjmlagat (3171)
February 27, 2009 12:26am CST
Hello mylotters! I was a member to this site and when I checked just a while ago, I learned that it's already "dead"..how disappointing this might be for those who are premium members. This is the note of the site administrator: [b]Dear, members We cannot run 247bux anymore, we have a lot of problem about cash flow for pay to [b]all members, we have some money for pay by priority but we want to pay to you all. We want to stop anything that you can earn in our site and want to pay to you all until finish. 247bux will back to normal maybe in 2-3 month (when all member receive money) and we will work on this site again. Premium members please request your payout and i will pay by queue as soon as i can until finish. Standard members can request payout by queue but i will pay to premium first. Sorry for all situation that happen in 247bux but we won't close this site and back to normal after we pay to all member and ready to open again. Love you all Indy[/b][/b]
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