Does the internet provide more good or more bad to the world?

@tomysole (457)
United States
February 27, 2009 2:48am CST
The last 20 years are a testament to me that the internet has done more damage to the world then good. Think about this for awile before responding.
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@spidyan (133)
• Philippines
27 Feb 09
Hello tomysole!!!!!!!!!! Internt is part of a technology and internet i use in everyday life. About your question if its good or bad it depend's on the user. How he/she used the internet. Like us we used the internet for making money online and there's no wrong with that, unless we are stealling private information from other computer or we spread a virus. Everything in the worlds depend on the users. happy mylotting!!!!!!!!!!!!
• United States
27 Feb 09
Well that is impossible to say as with anything the internet is just a "Tool" (intended to make life for humans easier, more fun, and more interesting as well as the best way to share knowledge in the planet) Since the internet is a "Tool" and any "Tool" can be used to help someone or to hurt someone so I think the question I would ask is "Do you think more people use the internet for evil or for good. Because without us humans the internet would stand still. And it wouldn't do anything. So that question in my opinion cannot be given an answer. Sincerely Alex
@fren45 (898)
• Malaysia
27 Feb 09
I believe internet provide both good and the bad.. but I higly It provide more Good than Bad